A Local-Producer in Fully (Valais)

We are very proud to present Domaine de la Rodeline,  Claudine and Yvon are producers of wine in the area of Fully for more than 40 years.


The domain La Rodeline is about 6 ha. The grappes are located 90% in Fully and 10% in Leytron. The crystalline soil gives to the wine of Fully something very special with rocks and loamy sand in the soil. All the smalls crytals of the rocks (gneiss and granit) render acidity of the Wine from Fully in comparison of the limestone.

10 kind of different grappes for assembling more than 30 different wines.

Local-Prod Experience: Price of wines are influented by the cost of production. Vineyard in Fully is not easy to access and also to work. Some grappes need more time to take care and also the organic dynamic gives more work.

Petite Arvine des Claives, with vines of 30 years old is a very rich wine powerfull and roundness because of the granit soil and the mass exposure to the sun.

Petite Arvine La Murgère comes from different parcels of Petite Arvine. Made with the oldest vines of the Domain with more than 50 years. A dry wine with more tense and a salty side.

Local-Prod Experience: Different wine blends from le Domaine de la Rodeline.

Rouge Y : Best grappes with from the Domaine 100 % Syrah with an aging potential of 10 to 15 years.

Noir Désir is a blended wine with 80% of Syrah and 20% of Gamay, Gallota, Merlot depending of the year but always 80% of Syrah. This is wine very round with a good balance of tanins.

Local-Prod Experience: The potentiel of aging.

Hermitage in white wine, Humagne Rouge,  Cornalin and Syrah in red wines are great wines to keep in the cellar. The wine makers are the best experts to tell to the clients what is the potential of aging.

It is really difficult to give references about potential of aging in Switerzland because we have here small productions and different styles of winemaking in comparison of Bordeau where this is mass production and the style of winemaking is more and less the less.

Local-Prod Experience: The differences beetween young and old vine.

One advantage of old vines is that the productivity is very regulated and very balanced. Gamay and Fendant are more than 60 years old.

Quality and regularity of old vines with solid and long roots in the soil. Granite and Gneiss make up crystalling crystals. This gives elegance and gender to the wine of La Rodeline.

With the winemaking, we can avoid some weakness of the young vine. However, Yvon thinks that old vines gives to the wine a better aging potential. Because of long and aged roots that gives back to the wine what they caught deeply into the soil.

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