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Internet coverage in Switzerland is quite diverse. Ninety-five per cent of people aged between 16 and 65 have an internet connection, whereas those who have done online shopping at least once in their lifetime is 90%.

A 2016 research by Netcomm Suisse indicates that in Europe, Switzerland is second after Europe on online expenditure annually. The total amount that Swiss people use each year is 2,149 pounds.

A statement published by Asendia in 2017 shows that 75% of Swiss people use smartphones, which is a 50% increase within two years. The other 37% who have no access to smartphones look forward to acquiring one in the coming one year. Sixty-eight per cent of people with smartphones already make purchases online.

UNACTAD, a body that rates people according to their preparedness for online purchases, ranked Switzerland as number one in the annual e-commerce index of 2021.

Local Producers in Switzerland are More Trustworthy Than Those from Abroad

If you ask people why they don’t prefer electronic shopping, they’ll say that trust is the main issue. Local producers in Switzerland have a “Swiss secure factor”, which is not available anywhere else in the world. It indicates that if you ask individuals what they think about Swiss producers, they’ll say they believe in their businesses. They trust that their private information will be well taken care of and have a safe payment procedure.

They are also sure that they’ll receive their orders on time. This is something so typical of Switzerland brands, and local producers should bank on it. With the upcoming “Swiss secure shop”, local producers can boost and declare that they are Swiss, safe, secure and reliable.

Do Local Producers in Switzerland Need E-commerce?

Thinking about online trade may seem challenging. Because it’s a thriving market, the risk you take in creating e-commerce stores and real opportunity to find in the international market should balance. It is thus important for local producers to acquire knowledge and create a way to understand what an e-commerce business is all about. E-commerce can be advantageous, but you need to collaborate with associates who can help you tap the opportunities available.

You must gain knowledge to enable you to choose these partners. Unluckily electronic trade is not an affordable investment, hence the reason you need an ideal business plan before you start implementing it into your business.

Best e-commerce Sites

The highly-rated e-commerce sites in Switzerland are Amazon, Zalando, and now Other best retail sites consist of;,, Nepresso,,,, and Local producers should find more about these sites to identify which one is perfect for their business regarding traffic size, competition and what type of online clients they require.

Popular Products

Most products that Switzerland clients buy online include; food and beverage, clothes, books, tickets, transport, and holiday. If you want to grow your online presence on the Swiss electronic market and have a breakthrough, you should consider products from these niches.

Modes of Payment

Switzerland’s well-known e-commerce payment methods incorporate e-wallets, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. Local producers should provide their prospective clients with the payment methods of their choice. Failure to provide famous payment alternatives for your business will instantly eliminate certain people from accessing your business. Most times, if online clients don’t find their favourable, clients need to find their favourable modes of payment while checking out; otherwise, they’ll leave the full shopping cart.

The most crucial and sensitive aspect of your purchasing funnel is your site’s checkout. If you want to have high conversion rates from your client, more so those beyond the borders, you should improve your site’s checkout. Ensure you include local payment methods, currency exchange and suitable, affordable and on-time local delivery systems.

Mobile Commerce

Online procurement, especially mobile transactions from business to consumer, now occupies a huge Swiss electronic market section. It is likely to bypass the counter method soon. Ecommerce businesses should consider this when creating their online stores and commodity schedules. Mobile improvement and great mobile purchasing knowledge are now not ‘cool to have’ but vital to your extensive online trade plan.