Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-17T10:34:25+00:00

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vous trouverez sur cette page toutes les questions fréquemment posées par nos internautes et producteurs locaux.

Is it free of charge ?2019-10-17T11:19:31+00:00

Yes, we have a membership « Parsley », which is free of charge.

How to subscribe ?2019-11-03T16:18:27+00:00

You will find a link « Register» on the footer page. Click on register, full fill the form and here you go! Or watch simply the video

How to log-in?2019-10-17T11:23:35+00:00

On the footer page, you will find a link to log-in, click on it and enter your username and password. Cheers.

You cannot pay your membership online ?2019-10-17T11:26:26+00:00

Please, contact us and we will give your our banking details.

Share something about you in our network ?2019-10-17T11:27:45+00:00

Let us know your project by sending us an email and we will get back to you to publish it.

Create an event?2019-10-17T11:29:28+00:00

You need to have a « caviar « membership

How to add my website URL ?2019-10-17T11:29:04+00:00

You need to have a «strawberry » or a « caviar »  membership

Can’t add a photo or image ?2019-10-17T11:38:43+00:00

You need to import a .jpg image

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