Attention swiss consumers

Monopoly of the large retailers Migros and Coop

Have you ever wondered how much you really pay for your milk and dairy products in the supermarkets?

Migros and Coop, Switzerland’s retail giants, sometimes take a margin of over 68% on local dairy products, while small producers are crushed under the weight of their demands. 😡

The monopoly of the big supermarkets only benefits themselves, not the local producers or the consumers who pay exorbitant prices for products that should be affordable. According to the report of Temps Présent, small producers are forced to sell their milk at a very low price, while the giant retailers increase the prices for consumers, without compensating the producers fairly. This is unacceptable! 😠

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It is time to do something to defend small local producers. Swiss consumers need to be aware of the impact of their choices on the market and support small local retailers. It’s time to boycott Migros and Coop and turn to fairer alternatives for small local producers. 🙌

Fortunately, there are alternatives to support local producers and protect our economy. By choosing to shop at small retailers that support local producers, you can ensure that your money is invested in the community rather than in the pockets of retail giants.

Do not hesitate to have a look to local distributors who sustain local producers💰

To help promote the cause of small local producers in Switzerland, what you can follow:

🌱 Bio Suisse – The association of organic producers in Switzerland, which supports small local producers and advocates for sustainable agriculture.

🐄 Jacques Bourgeois – National Councilor Jacques Bourgeois stood up for small producers during the debates on the drinking water initiative, and continues to support local producers.

🍅 Slow Food – Slow Food is an international organization that advocates for the production and consumption of healthy, fair and sustainable food, with an active network in Switzerland.

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The choice is simple: support small local producers by shopping at small retailers, or contribute to the monopoly of the big retailers by shopping at Migros and Coop. As Nicolas Suter, president of the Mountain Milk Producers Association, says so well, “Small producers must be able to make a living from their work, it’s a question of respect.” 💪

Ultimately, by choosing to support small retailers and local producers, we can all make a positive difference to our economy and community. Make the right choice and support local producers! 🌱🥛

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