From october 2019, we have succeeded to get more than 1100 users that visit our website dedicated to local producers. Also, users did more 1800 sessions. It means that 40 % of users consult more than 3 pages or comeback to use our platform to find local-producers. The session duration is longer that we thought. In fact, it takes less than 15 seconds to find the right local-producer and get redirected to him.

In our facebook page, more than 18’000 users have viewed the cover of our posts. Indeed, we have more 1200 “likes” and members. We post a few articles per week related to local-producers and good deals we can find or negotiate with our partners for local producers. This allow us to get more insights from consumers and more in our website. In the following months, we will push our Instagram page to get a new type of customers and maximize our visibility.

Big cities in Switerzland particularly Geneva and Lausanne are the people which are a priori the most sensitive about eating and drinking local. We will make them as our main target for the following months.

All of that has been possible because of our digital marketing campaign through ads from google and facebook. We thank all the people who follow us and our dedicated team who spend time with local producers and are totally invest in this project.  We are confidents that the results will scale up all long this year and we attend more 10 K of users by the end of year.