Globalization has allowed large distributors to buy products from all over the world. This results in an expanded supply of available products thus putting national production in competition. The intervention of the State with the laws on imports and quotas could indeed reduce this frenzy of the importation without the effects being null for the local producers. The state of the quotas is for the most part products not exhausted. Indeed, the pressure on prices remains relevant for local production under the aegis of large distributors.


The race for profitability for big retailers forces producers to produce massively and quickly by ignoring the quality of production. Moreover, it is impossible to have the complete assurance that the oranges imported from Nicaragua were produced according to the standards of the importing country. Indeed, each country holds its standards that they judge good for their economies and for others for the population.

Mass production is bad for the environment. In addition to pesticides that deteriorate the quality of the land, the land can not rest and thus lowers its fertility.

The layout of Swiss agriculture can not be mass produced and we are very proud of it because no farmer has a departement-sized field and production methods are regulated. It is very difficult for our local producers to charge competitive prices in the face of market globalization. Machine, working time, fertilizer, labor cost, investment, all these factors mean that our local production can not be differentiated by price.

However, we are certain that we can value our local producers for the quality of the products they produce. We are delighted to note that a good number of our products are recognized for their qualities whether they be our cheeses, be it Gruyère or Tête de Moine, our wines for Petite Arvine, La Rèze, or Chenin Blanc, our meats or the cattle of Val d’Hérens, our vegetables and fruits for our apricots, our plums, our beets. Our producers do not have to blush in front of the international, their local products are of high quality.

It’s up to us to choose which production we want to see in our plates. A production of which we know how it was produced with a guarantee of quality, a respect of the grounds and the environment. Local-Prod values ​​local production so that it continues and we can always enjoy quality products from our regions.

It is time for us to honor our local production to perpetuate our traditions.