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The seasons go by and the products in the supermarkets are the same. Here is the observation that everyone can make today by observing the offers available from major food distributors.


These products always have the same appearance but their tastes differ according to the seasons. Indeed, the elaborate production methods such as heated greenhouses or early picking, make that the maturity of these products has not been reached naturally. Fertilizers have filled the lack of natural sun and soil nutrients to ripen them. This has an impact on the quality of the product because they do not develop all the properties of the product in terms of taste and nutrient intake.


While the respect of the seasons brings you products of high quality in the flavors of the product but also in the energetic values, then you cannot more hesitate: Products of season above all!


In addition, in winter many fruits and vegetables are seasonal and rich in minerals and vitamins C to get an efficient immune system to fight cold and viruses. While in summer, we have fruit and vegetables waterlogged for optimal hydration of our organs. Nature is well done, thanks to her.

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