23 10, 2021

E-commerce local producers


Marketplace, An E-Commerce Solution Exceptional Local Producer Internet coverage in Switzerland is quite diverse. Ninety-five per cent of people aged between 16 and 65 have an internet connection, whereas those who have done online shopping at least

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16 08, 2021

Newsletter des producteurs locaux


Il vous est possible de promouvoir à travers les newsletters de Local-Prod vos événements, produits, promotions et autres sujets liés aux producteurs locaux. Conseil: Nous sommes d’avis qu’une bonne newsletter doit rester simple et facile à lire. Vous

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14 04, 2021

Fishing in Switzerland


Fishing in Switzerland In 2014, Switzerland produced around 1.78 million kilograms of fish. Two hundred eighty thousand of the total catch was by recreational anglers, and the other 1.5-million-kilogram catch was from the fishing industry.

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27 03, 2021

La Petite Arvine


La Petite Arvine, a grape mostly produced in Switzerland in the region of Valais. The Petite Arvine is a white type of grape mostly produced in Valais Switzerland and Valle D'Aosta in Italy. Producers and executives from

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